Edible Cricket Powder Natural – 2,000 g


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Edible Cricket Powder Natural - 2,000 gram

Our Cricket Powder originates from our own farmed crickets, grinded into 100% pure powder. Our farm and process factory are both certified for the highest food safety according to GAP and GMP/HACCP, respectively.

In addition to these certificates, our cricket powder is also approved by the Thai FDA and was further lab tested in Brussels with purpose to be used in the Novel Food application for Acheta Domesticus sent to, and to be approved by, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) from the Belgian Insect Industry Federation (BiiF), where Global Bugs is a member. We have also received a “Seal of Excellence” from the EU framework for Research and Innovation.

Our cricket powder contains more calcium than milk, more magnesium and nearly twice as much iron than spinach, twice as much phosphorus and vitamin B12 than tuna and
more potassium than beet greens. The powder also contains 19 amino acids including all
essential 9, where the content of the vital acid Lysine is 3.24% which is equal to a ribeye steak found on the 10th place of the 200 foods highest in Lysine. On top of this, the powder contains twice as much vitamin B3 than beef and nearly twice as much vitamin B2 than almonds.

Follow this link to download our leaflet for Edible Cricket Powder

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