Rickard has a tremendous track record as an innovator and entrepreneur where he has implemented and successfully managed projects over the last 20 years where, among others, the huge sail ship "Marité" project started with renovation from wreck to a 47 meters long 3-masted wooden beauty (10 years, 100.000 work hours).

Rickard closed a profitable marketing deal between Marité and Pripps, the biggest brewery in Sweden, 1992 – 1997 where Marité participated in their famous beer commercials with popular artist's hit song. Rickard organized and hosted all Pripps' customer sail events and conferences onboard.

Apart from the TV and film commercials Marité was the centre of several grand campaigns, live broadcasted TV program with famous guests and artists, big party events and concerts in different harbour cities around the Swedish coastline. Rickard Engberg was the overall commander in charge, always a problem solver.

Rickard did innovation schooling and graduated at innovation centre Ideum 2010-11. Rickard is a Swedish citizen and speaks Swedish (native) and English fluently.

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