Edible Cricket

Edible crickets has both ecological and health benefits. Breeding edible crickets produces fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water and space than beef, chicken and pork. Our whole roasted crickets and cricket powder contain more than 70% protein, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach plus fibre and fatty acids. It's on these merits edible crickets gained legitimacy and found themselves on 2019 food trends lists, part of a broader movement toward healthy and Eco-conscious foods that also helps consumers and industries worldwide lessen their impact on the planet.

Online trading platform for distributors

We are proud of our distributor network. With their help, we are able to extend the ecological and health benefits of our edible.cricket product line to customers around the world. As a cricket farmer and edible cricket food processor, certified to the standards of HACCP, GAP and GMP, we selects distributors who can help us maintain that high level of experience and outstanding reputation for service. Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for the future generations.

Online trading platform for private label CPG products

As a private label manufacturer, we produce custom CPG products based on cricket powder for brands in the retail and food service markets. These private label CPG components are the result of pro-active partnerships and meet the requirements of clients and end-consumers alike. We can provide a solution to any query, challenge or idea you may have with regard to edible crickets products based on either whole roasted crickets or cricket powder!

Certified for food

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Good Agricultural Practice
Good Manufacturing Practice
Food & Drug Administration Licenses
Global Standard for Packaging & Materials

Export & Import

We work together with the customer to ensure that all necessary documentation for export and import of the edible cricket products are in order for our customer including full product descriptions, lab tests and FDA licenses.

Our Uniqueness

Our uniqueness is to control the whole value chain from farming and processing to sales & distribution. By doing this, we make sure that our edible cricket products have the best nutrition content, free from any hazardous substances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and sell exclusive edible cricket products, cause no unnecessary harm to the planet, to use our business to inspire and implement solutions to the global environmental challenges.